How To Make Money With MyFreeCams
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How to make money with MyFreeCams (Written By Our Top Paid Models to help you)

The models at MyFreeCams make MORE money by simply staying in the free (public) chat area and getting requests and therefore receiving tips. With THIS type of business model, which is different than Streamate/LiveJasmin/ VEntertainment a model needs to ENTICE the guys in the rooms and use their competitiveness against them! Muahuahuahua! Yes, that was my evil laugh because making this much money off funny little boys is AWESOME!

The "business model" that MFC uses is just that-a free show where most of the viewers (from a hundred or so to over 2,000 guests) will not pay a measly dime BUT (and it's a big butt;)...there are a pretty decent percentage of guys who love the feeling of control and domination that will tip you ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK just so they can be the "cock of the walk" in your chat room! Yes, you have to use their full-fledged obsession with destruction, control, sexual domination and all-things-testosterone against them in the most subtle manner. Essentially, you are using psychological Judo on these lil' bastards:)

Here's how to do it

1) Make sure you give MFC enough time to get an adequate following of "regulars" that frequent your chat room. Granted, you could make $120 in your first 3-hour shift. Or you could make $40. But generally, most girls that have watched a few shows of the better Camgirls on there do very well when they transition to a live chat site like this. MFC gets TONS of traffic so I would not worry too much about whether or not you have any tippers. It's all up to YOU on how you shake those bills out of their wallets;)

Generally, try to hustle hard your first week and let the regulars get to know you better and then after a week start bustin' out the games to keep chat sessions fun, entertaining and sexy. Yes, most girls have the sexy part down with no problems! But MOST of the Camgirls we see are lacking with personality. Well, that's NOT the case with most girls on MFC because they ALL know that you have to have an entertaining room to get a lot of consistent tippers. Making $200-$300 in 4 hours is NOT a rare feat by any means. Heck, we've seen some of the top girls make $500 in tips in about 5 minutes. When it rains it pours! The point is, that all the rooms that get a lot of tips are ENTERTAINING. You don't have to go crazy and act wild and goofy to accomplish this but start watching girls or some of the other top dawgs that talk a lot, and essentially are telling everyone that is listening how they are organizing their room, and therefore getting lots of tips.

Some of the games you can play include drinking games (you can get guys to tip you to toss another quarter, therefore another drink), card games (maybe charge a 25 token tip for a guy to pick a card), naked twister, body painting, etc. There are a ton of games that you can play (and still incentivize the guys to tip you for playing them) so go make it happen. So find some games that you think could be entertaining (and still get tips) and get a bit of a following and go toyour next tip;)

2) Use that massive testosterone in the room to your advantage! What is the ONE thing pretty much every guy obsesses about? Having a big wanker! Well, in this age of all things electronica the guys in chat have no other way to "show-up" any of the other males in the room (which is always the case whenever more than one male is in the room-you may not notice it but guys are constantly scoping out who is the top dog in the room) is by FLASHIN' THE CASH! Yes, the guys with the biggest tips in this virtual world that MFC has brilliantly engineered are considered the ones with what equates to, the biggest dicks in the room. Even if it's NOT true at all, showing all the other guys who is the man with the cash is the equivalent of having a monster wang. And guess what, this is nothing new, virtual world or not! Ever since money was invented, it has essentially been just another way to tell the other guys in the room (any room) that they are the top dog. If you can make guys feel like they are an alpha-male (again, even if they're not) then you will be paid very well. If guys are acting like animals and are barking orders make sure you use this 'competition to control you on cam' to your advantage and get them acting right and tipping you well.

3) In the rooms at MFC, the competition happens at hyper speed and therefore it makes the chat-sessions ADDICTIVE to the members that are tipping you. Go ahead and watch a few hours worth of free shows at MFC and you'll notice that guys will even say hello to eachother because there are so many regulars that are on the site every single day that they have gotten to know one another. At a site like MFC, it is a world that is hidden from the depressing, stressful, boring and lame life that most guys lead on a regular basis. When they sign-on to a familiar room with a model that greets his arrival with a warm, flirty smile and squeals over tips (and cums for bigger tips) then they feel like gods! They feel like the buff high-schooler they may have been 10 years ago. Your clients might be that buff football player! Sweet! Or they may not and they ultimately want to know what it's like to "be the man". The alpha, numero uno, the big cheese, el jeffe.

What's wrong with wanting to feel like the man of the mountain? Everyone wants to feel this alive and euphoric but guys want it with an addictive obsession that chat sites like MFC have so intelligently designed in order to squeeze out the most bucks per visitor. Writing names on a wall or a mirror is just one of the many ways to get guys feeling like they are a part of something. And most guys will pay for that pleasure in today's crazy times. Individual messages after a good show of tipping to specific guys is a great way to get these guys as addicted to tipping you as possible. The details count with these guys and it makes them feel special and unfortunately, with the sad state of most guys out there, being special and "someone" is like a drug in our oft-bitter world. Keep this in mind even when he's asking you to stick a dildo up your ass. The testosterone is certainly still there but it just has to be maneuvered and directed in a way to keep every client at your beckon call and addicted to spending money on you:)

4) Give the guys in your room a little bit of control...for a price. Guys absolutely are in love with porn, yes? Well, then how about giving guys the ability to essentially produce and direct porn (with their tips and tokens of course-nada is for free;) in real time as they are able to do with webcam chats? So, if the guys in your room are taking your oil show for granted and they are NOT tipping well enough, then you end the show and start throwing back some clothes on. Once guys have a hard-on and are enticed by the sexual reality that's going on in front of their faces then they can't get enough. More-and-more guys are enticed ENOUGH to tip you to keep an oil or a toy show going. If a big group wants to take you "group", which is away from the FREE chat sessions area make sure to get ALL the guys to contribute maybe 500-1,000 tokens for a 15-minute show BEFORE you start the show...unless you trust your "regulars" to tip you enough for the group-session to be worthwhile. Either way, guys pay DEARLY for a bit of control...especially when a beautiful seductress is right in front of him with a dildo during a cam session...;)

5) Know how much your tokens are worth at MyFreeCams.
If you know how much 1,000 tokens equates to ($40) then you'll know if spending 30-minutes for a private-session request is really worth it (probably so considering $40 every half-hour equals $80/hour). Yes, each Camgirl is PAID 4 cents per token. Keeping track of how much shows, special requests, and other fantasies "cost' in terms of tokens will give you a better grip on how much MONEY you'll be taking home. It's not difficult to get accustomed to the rate that you're paid via tips but it's still important in determining if you should charge a little more for certain requests (like anal or squirting-painful and messy most of the time) or a little less (like a good ol' fashion Janet Jackson nip-slip!).

Some girls will race through MFC and kick some major tail and make a few grand a week while some other (equally attractive) Camgirls will simply not have the confidence or take the time to really get to know MyFreeCams and it's slightly different business model. Camgirls make plenty of money there and when they "figure it out" they seem to ALWAYS be online. Maybe MFC has created the perfect business: the clients AND employees are essentially addicted to going back to the same site, for the same reason-SEX AND MONEY.

Quick Tips to make more money at home while camming
Okay, so now that Thanksgiving is over and the pounds have been added I feel it's time to give some quick tips to get more cash while camming ASAP! After all, these guys aren't that cool and the money isn't bad. It's a job, baby boo! So let's make that money!

1) Communicate with your chat room
if a guy is going to take you "private". Let your other guests know that you're about to be away for a moment. Take this time to let your other POTENTIAL spender$ know that you'll be right back and can't wait for more action. This does a couple of things: it helps your guys stay in your room or at least check back frequently in order to possible get a show with you. Communicating with your guests before a private show also lets guys know that there is a possibility to make the "exclusive" private turn into a "premium" chat session (which means a slightly lesser rate per minute but you MORE than compensate by having 3-4 [or sometimes dozens] guys paying you at the same time-this equals MORE money for the Camgirl). Giving a simple "heads up" to the other members that a hot private is about to ensue also ensure that you're NOT seen as some rude bitch. Even dominatrix's are polite and professional with their business transactions; when it's time to get naughty and dominating that can be a different story;) But nonetheless, a little common courtesy and communication can go along way with your potential income that you can make as a Camgirl. It's up to you.

2) Clean up your messy-a$$ room!
Seriously. It's atrocious. Granted, most of the rooms I see are pretty decent, and some are downright SWANK, but a distracting or unnappealing background can simply give you a reputation as trashy. Also, when a guy is surfing a site like Myfreecams, he is likely checking out SEVERAL models that he instantly thinks MAY get him to spend some cash. If he clicks on your room and the first thing he sees is a drab colored room, a post-orgy looking bed and diapers in the corner of the room he will probably just click on the next girl. We know that it isn't fair to judge a book by its cover but that's EXACTLY what people do everyday and if you want to make the most money at the casa then pay a little attention to detail and it'll payoff big time.

3) Get some lip liner
and some really sexy lipstick. Ladies, what is one of the most sensual parts of a woman? Besides some "come hither" eyes, cloaked in eye-shadow, we have the curvy lips that do NOT get enough credit, yet we kiss with them! Line your lips up to make them look bigger and plumper. Most guys love some curvy, full-bodied lips so enhance the "look" of them without getting surgery. BONUS!

4) Watch other Camgirls that are better than you.
There is no "swagger-jacking" here but it pays to spend a bit of time to watch the top-money earners and see what sets them apart from yourself. All too often, I see a cam model that is absolutely stunning AND super-awesome at getting each guy's wallet. And oftentimes, it's easy to gain a few tips just by watching. The really popular chat girls will be in private-sessions regularly on Myfreecams BUT you can catch a lot of what successful Camgirls do by finding girls at MyFreeCams. However, you have to understand the business model is slightly different for MFC versus a Streamate or LiveJasmin or V Entertainment. Instead of viewing competition in a negative light, it's best to take these "spying" sessions seriously and focus on what gets HER money. If the item that lures in more dollars for another Camgirls is particularly appealing to you then there's nothing wrong with customizing such "sales" items during a show for you. Just be you, though. If you can't pull-off a booty-shake for example, then only do what you're comfortable with and ABLE to do. There's no need to try to be EXTRA awesome. Because you probably are but simply need a bit of experience, the right coaching and a bit of time.

How to control your chat room and make more money camming
A lot of discussion on various forums and Twitter posts tell me that many of the live chat models out there are experiencing RUDE guests that also generally happen to be beggars. After all, one rude guest can influence the rest of the chat room and that's the last thing a Camgirl wants when she's trying to take her clothes off and simultaneously bilk these dudes from their money. It's not easy and in order to "control" your chat room you have to turn ASSHOLES into EXAMPLES.

How do you get rid of this plague of the unemployed and bratty babies?

You kick their a$$ out of your room! And if the guest is especially rude/unwilling to spend money then BAN his money-inhibiting self. Don't feel bad that you're being tough, this is YOUR JOB! And it's not fair to YOUR family and yourself, to get treated like trash. Yes, being a Camgirl is a service that requires a bit of submissiveness to make money but there should be a standard of respect that your members give you. You deserve it and you will let guys know that you expect such respect if you show through your actions that you don't take unnecessary shit from clients.

And most of the guys WANT to stay in your room! It's your room and it's up to you to decide if a guy isN'T spendy and if he's a deuche-bag then you need to purge your room of that cancer to the room. Cancer is bad and if one guy starts to influence other guys in your room to ALSO talk shit then the entire feel of the camming session is now a "runaway train" and it's hard to regain control, which enables you to make the MOST money while only doing what YOU feel is appropriate. Remember, you need to RUN your room how you see fit, while still trying to make the most money possible at home. So, with this said every chat model needs to understand that it is indeed, a fine line that you have to tread: providing enough enticing stimulation while SIMULTANEOUSLY keeping your room spend-happy and polite.

The beauty of the internet is you are insulated and protected from a potential dangerous lifestyle as a cam model (instead of the latter). By all means, if you feel like you need to strip or be an escort, go ahead and do your thing. However, this guide isn't really for that purpose and if we can help out at least ONE girl do well enough at camming, where she is able to support herself with her own small business, then our goal is achieved. The potential income from simply being a rather underground web cam model is somewhat startling, considering most women (and men for that matter) would have to shell out $40k in tuition to make $75k-$100k (with some models making MUCH more than this) a year. My point is, you don't have to be a stripper or an escort as long as you hone your craft and consistently hustle.

We want everyone reading this to know that they are more beautiful than they think and can ultimately do great things with a bit of hard work and the right "know-how". Sprinkle in a bit of confidence and you'll be pulling in $200 a night with ease:)

How to entice guys into private chat sessions
As we was checking out some of the hotter Camgirls on MyFreecams recently, we noticed many of the girls out there were not throwin' too many lines into the water. What I mean by this statement is, you have to throw some enticing "bait" out there to the guys, without giving away a free show. It's hard out there for a pimp when us girls have to tread that careful balance between "giving too much" and being a "frigid bitch" to all the potential customers that come in. Remember, most of the guys that enter your room are LOOKING to see if they like you, which means if you show them you're a bad-ass HAUT Camgirl then they're probably going to $natch you up for a private. If this means that you have to show them your full tattoo on your arm (for example) to get a conversation going, then do it. Guys enact at least SOME sort of conversation to see if the vibe is right. Even though guys are controlled solely by their cocks, they still want to know that they can at least carry on a conversation with you, lest they get weirded out and self-conscious, which are the number 1 and 2 reasons for impotency amongst men. So...if you want more privates be more approachable, almost like a girl that's at the bar that will flirt JUST ENOUGH to get a drink bought for her but doesn't really want to "go home" with anyone ;)

Of course, any Camgirl can "go home" with a good private (virtually) as much, or as little as they want. My point is, you have to at least give the guys a reason to WANT to see more. If you're not showing your face in free chat much on myfreecams for example, then you need to AT LEAST doll your lips up and show those curvy, sexy things off! Yes, I'm all for NOT showing your face during these public chat sessions (this grants Camgirls more discretion if they don't want everyone to know that they cam) but if you employ this method you HAVE to at least show off some soft, luscious lips. The way lips move during a conversation can convey A TON of emotion and information. This way, potential clients can see MOST of your face and get to see a lot of your personality SIMPLY by seeing nothing more than the girls face up to her lips.

And lips are super-sensual so USE them to your advantage! This is a way to entice guys into taking you private. A great example of a girl that uses ALL of her sexiness without actually showing her face much in the room. She is a girl anyone would love to taste, and she looks super enticing even when just glancing at her profile. And she is a great example of what I am referring to here. Smooches!

Also, be CONFIDENT when you're on Cam. Most of the money making girls I see on MyFreecams. are doing pretty good jobs at keeping conversation up, flirting with guys and still keeping the "goodies" wrapped up until they're willing to pay, but an unfortunate percentage of the girls I see are severely lacking in any inter-personal skills. And they are the same ones that make very little money.

For the majority of the ladies that are "stuck" in FREE chat, they are absolutely sexy enough to get a bunch of privates but it's how they handle their rooms AND how guys perceive them. If Camgirls are yawning and NOT really looking energetic (and therefore probably not genuinely horny, which is a huge turn-off to guys obviously) then this is how guys perceive this girl- as a dead fish. I know it's an ego-blow to some of the Camgirl readers that just read that line but it should also serve as inspiration because chances are, you are definitely hot enough (and there are so many "tastes" that guys have you are bound to find a room full of guys that think you are sexy-as-hell!).

However, you also have to meet these guys halfway and let them know you are interested, but in a semi-genuine kind of way. Don't get caught simulating an old 80's Russian porno with lips going everywhere unnecessarily just to grab a guy's attention. Just be yourself and flirt a little but don't FORCE it just because you think it's hot. What makes YOU hot is being comfortable with your own sexuality and therefore being able to share that comfortability. When guys recognize that you are at least somewhat enjoying yourself, your private sessions will sky-rocket and 6-hour shifts will go by in no time!

Lastly, you have get a conversation going! A cool, flirty interesting conversation can definitely increase the amount of privates you receive. After all, there are really TWO parts to an adult camshow: the sexual side of course (that's why you're half-naked in front of a webcam) and there's also the conversation side of the show (hence, the name "XXX CHAT")! Duh, right?!

If you're worried about someone recognizing your voice then practice a fake accent OR get over it. It's up to you, but both options are assuredly feasible. We saw a girl the other day, that seemed to stay in private forever, that had kind of a terrible Aussie accent. BUT...she still made that dolla bill and hid her normal voice significantly.

There are a million ways to make money during live cam shows but the mantra needs to always be confidence, energy and a little bit of saleswoman to get these cheap-asses to $pend that money, honey!